Ottawa ComicCon – Christopher Lloyd

written by Matt S (nerd & brother to a certain Nerd Fu founder)

Christopher Lloyd breezed on stage for his panel looking fairly fit, tan, and immortal, just like every other California resident. When questions began, however, his age started to show. Cupping his hands to hear audience questions, he often failed to remember actor’s names and even movies and shows he was in. This didn’t appear to ruin any of his charm but it did bring a bit of reality to the event about the decay of our childhood heroes.

He spoke briefly about his stint on Taxi, and even making the movie Clue, but the focus of the Q&A was mostly dedicated to the Back to the Future series.

He did recall his concern for the swapout of the lead in the original BTTF and his final respect for his costar over so many years.
“I was so worried about when they switched from [Stoltz] to Fox, but when Michael came on the chemistry was just there. We WERE Doc and Marty.”

photos by Travis G (nerd & co-owner of Owly Design)

He remembers his excitement filming the third of the BTTFs, his favorite of the three.
“It was a western. There were horses and we got to shoot people!”

For the train sequence he was riding his horse swiftly to catch the train. He had experience with horses but didn’t do many of his own stunts, but was pretty pumped up acting out the scene. “When I pulled up alongside the train I really wanted to reach out for that handle and jump on. It was right there. But I didn’t. I knew if I screwed up it would have been a real mess.”

On the upcoming movie A Million Ways to Die in the West he reprises his role as Doc Brown for a small scene. When asked if he wanted to bring the Doc back for real he said “I wish they’d do another one.” and gave us the obligatory “Great Scott!”

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