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written by Matt S (nerd & brother to a certain Nerd Fu founder)
As expected from every news cast attempt at video chatting interviews, the Skype call with Leonard Nimoy was not without its glitches. Delays in the back and forth transmission were disrupting the Q&A flow, and the image was often choppy. The call even dropped right after the first audience question, but Nimoy joked about it “I think Klingons might be playing around with it,” and eventually it all smoothed out.


Nimoy has COPD from being a regular smoker years ago, which is why he doesn’t venture out to many cons and fan events, but he seemed very pleased with the opportunity to address the local Trekkies. From his New York home, wall sconce and artwork on the wall (a white silhouette of a woman eating a cheeseburger?), Nimoy seemed genuinely excited to answer questions, and health conditions didn’t impair any of the things we love about him. He has a strong voice, keen intellect and story telling ability, and a presence that filtered cleanly through the pixelated Skype image.


Though he periodically reminded us of his acting career outside Star Trek, he is very self aware of how strongly tied he is to his role as Spock. After all, it was Nimoy that came up with the hand gesture to accompany “live long and prosper” and he was the first and only choice by Gene Roddenberry to play the part.

photos by Travis G (nerd & co-owner of Owly Design)



“That will always be my legacy,” Nimoy stated about the role he filled for so many years. He may play many parts but “he was the guy who played Spock.”


He’s happy to have been Spock for so long and loves Zachary Quinto’s version and doesn’t appear to mind the passing of the torch. When Keith Urban came by in person to crash the Q&A, Nimoy had nothing but praise for him and the new crew of the Enterprise. It could just be that Urban’s question was loaded: “Of all the actors you worked with on the new Star Trek, who was your favorite?” But it could be that he’s comfortable stepping away from it all.


“I’m now majoring in family and minoring in my career,” said Nimoy. Not all of the old cast were so happy about the new Star Trek, however. According to Nimoy, Shatner was pretty upset at being left out of the films and Leonard openly mocked him, though I believe it was the kind of mockery that only close friends can do. Nimoy recalls though that he had reservations about the revival of Star Trek when the Next

“My ego stepped in and I said can they really do this without us?”


They can, and they did, but that seems to be okay with most people. Shatner can get over it.


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