PAC-MAN LED Desk Clock

PAC-MAN will always remain one of the cornerstones and undisputable kings of video games. It’s a tried and true classic hands down. There is certainly no shortage of pop culture merch celebrating the game and it’s creator Toru Iwatani. A few years ago on May 22nd, the iconic game celebrated it’s 35th anniversary. For this honor, Eugene Jarvis (founder of indie developer Raw Thrills) went to work creating something akin to an awesome time capsule of sorts that elevates the love of the video game and the PAC-MAN LED Desk Clock was born.

If you’re thinking this is just some ordinary clock you’re wrong. Once plugged in, the PAC-MAN LED desk clock illuminates with the power of it’s 512 (yes….512) full color LED’s! It’s insanely bright….but for good reason. When Jarvis started his design, we’re pretty show he wanted to make quite the conversation piece and something that true fans would proudly display. We think he knocked this out of the park. It carries the official license from Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc. and is a fitting homage for Iwatani, Shigeo Funaki, and the “Pakku-Man” development team.

This limited-edition, handmade clock is made from a matrix of Jumbotron LED’s, a high-quality optical-grade polycarbonate cover and sits in a sleek, low-profile shell. We took the large-format iconic LED display used in our hit game “PAC-MAN Chomp Mania” and engineered a more compact version, suitable for the home and office. This smaller version is very bright and features vivid color, but takes up a smaller footprint and has a much sleeker appearance. The resolution is the same as the arcade hit, but it fits nicely on the desk and makes a tasteful but bold statement of who you are. – Raw Thrills

Inside the the sleek and attractive packaging, you’ll find the clock and a yellow microfiber cloth for cleaning the screen. We love it and can certainly see the fun of proudly displaying this clock on our desk and watching PAC-MAN and the ghosts run by every now and then. Those big dots are super cool too and instantly have us wanting to play a game or two. The PAC-MAN LED Desk Clock is priced at $49.99 and is available for purchase now at Amazon.







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