Patton Oswalt’s EPIC Star Wars Filibuster

Patton Oswalt dominated the social-sphere earlier this week with his response to the Boston Marathon tragedy and now he’s gone and done something else that deserves your full attention.

In short, he’s appearing on Parks & Recreation this Thursday (one of two back-to-back episodes) where he attends a Pawnee town meeting.  His character goes into filibuster mode, but Patton himself rambles off an 8-minute long, improvised concept for Star Wars: Episode VII.  It’s a MUST WATCH!

SPOILER: (you might wanna watch the video before you read this) In just a few short minutes he manages to talk about Boba Fett, Marvel, Thanos, Hercules, the Fantastic Four, X-Men, Wovlerine, Lando & Leia cheating behind Han’s back and Chewbacca’s severed head (all in one Star Wars movie)! It is mind-boggling, brilliant and crazy all at the same time.

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