Podcast: Backing Up a Dump Truck (S3E21)

Welcome to season 3 of the Nerd Fu podcast – Episode 21.  If you’re looking for the latest & greatest in nerdy/geeky news, then this IS the podcast you’ve been looking for.

Every week (for the most part), we bring you the latest in Nerd News, including SCREENSHOT (movies & tv), STOCKPILE (collectibles), HIGH SCORE (gaming), COMICS n CONS (that one explains itself) and FU-BITS (our catch-all, random stuff category).

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Here are links to SOME of the awesome nerdy stuff we covered on the podcast. Not all of the things, but most of the stuff that you might wanna throw your money at. Support your “Nerd Needs” by supporting Nerd Fu and use the links we’ve provided below.  For most of them, we get a little referral when/if you purchase.

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Movies in Theaters This Week

  • Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom (d. J.A. Bayona) w/ Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard, Jeff Goldblum, BD Wong


Movies / TV to Buy

  • Pacific Rim: Uprising
  • Tomb Raider

Movie News


TV  / Streaming News



Subscription Boxes

  • Loot Crate (Jul) TEAMUP – deadline 7/19
  • Firefly Cargo Crate (Jul) GOING MAD – deadline 7/15

Funko Reveals

  • Smallfoot Plush and Pop! – (July and August)
  • 5 Star DC Super Heroes – Batman, Batgirl, Harley Quinn, The Joker, Posion Ivy (August)
  • The Clone Wars Pop!s – Anakin, Ahsoka, Obi Wan, Yoda + HT Excluisve Ahsoka (August)
  • Incredibles 2 Pop! Rides – Elastigirl on Elasticycle (Now)
    • Sweeper Bot Pop! (Destiny), Soldier 76 Grillmaster Pop! (Overwatch)
    • Ghus in Pajamas (Saga), Alana Rock Candy (Saga), Hellboy in Suit Pop!
    • James Wan Pop!
    • TTG Killer Moth Pop!, Red Hood Pop!, The Flash Pop! (Running, translucent legs), The Flash Chrome 3-pack
    • Cad Bane Pop! (Clone Wars), Imperial Stormtrooper Pop! (Solo)
    • Black Lady (Sailor Moon), Dead Yamcha (Dragon Ball Z), Super Saiyan Broly (DBZ), Gold Chrome Vegeta (DBZ) + Bloody Taarna (Heavy Metal)

Funko Retailer Exclusives

  • Hot Topic: 
  • FYE: 
  • BAM: 
  • Costco: 
  • Walgreens: 
  • Box Lunch: 
  • TRU: 
  • Walmart:
  • GameStop: 
  • Entertainment Earth: 

The Stash-N-Cache





  • E3 Recap
    • XBOX Noteworthy Announcements
      • New, extended looks at Fallout 76, Kingdom Hearts 3, The Division 2, Shadow of the Tomb Raider, Gears of War 5, Cyberpunk 2077
      • Microsoft Studios acquires 5 more studios including Compulsion Games which makes We Happy Few
      • “FastStart” is announced which will let gamers start GamePass games 2x faster
    • SONY Noteworthy Annoucements
      • New, extended looks at The Last of Us – Part 2, Destiny Foresaken, Resident Evil 2 Remake, Kingdom Hearts 3, Spider-Man
      • A special PS4 Pro Kingdom Hearts III limited edition console was also teased



Comic Book News Hot Picks of the Week #531Top 5 #169 which includes Tony Stark: Iron Man #1, is here and Jay has the lowdown on the latest comics you should be picking up or passing up! — news brought to you by Trending Pop Culture ( formerly ‘Invest Comics’)

  • Amazing Spider-Man #801
  • Batman #49
  • Shanghai Red #1
  • X-Men Gold #30


  • SDCC News –

  • Exhibitor List + Map Revealed

    Entertainment Earth Exclusives List starting

    Three Batman Variant DC Artists Alley figures from artist Chris Uminga (1500, 750, 300)

    Voltron Legendary Defender Hyperphase Voltron 5-Piece Action Figure Set

    8-Bit Batman Pop!

    Loungefly – Jabba’s Palace backpack and matching pencil case

    Cereal Monster Geeki Tiki Mug 3-Pack Set

  • Predator will be invading SDCC 2018 – Both io9 and Deadline have now confirmed that the upcoming The

    Predator film, co-written and directed by Shane Black, will be heading for Hall H at Comic-Con. The film,

    which is set to launch in theatres on September 14, 2018, will reportedly get the biggest (and perhaps

    only) push at 20th Century Fox’s panel.


Cosplay - Comicpalooza - 2015 - Marvel vs DC


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