Podcast: Bunch of Crunch – SDCC 2018 Recap (S3E25)

Welcome to season 3 of the Nerd Fu podcast – Episode 25.  If you’re looking for the latest & greatest in nerdy/geeky SDCC news, then this IS the podcast you’ve been looking for.

This special episode is our San Diego Comic-Con 2018 wrap-up. Enjoy!



#WerdFu Twitter Questions Provided by the Following Fans…

@TheSuicidefoxx – Best trailer coming from SDCC? For me it was Godzilla: King of the Monsters. Best SDCC exclusive you either got or didn’t get.

@Nerdycurious – What was your best/most favourite purchase at SDCC? If not, what was your most coveted/must have but had to admire from afar exclusive?

@gb_reviews – Will Steve be returning to SDCC next year? We missed you Steve! Glad we got a chance to see Sully a couple times.

@KevinLie619 – First off I wanna thank sully for always being so nice to the listeners. And Steve we missed ya man. This question I got from a panel I went to who is your favorite fictional captain?

@Lopez_josh24 – Thanks for all the great advice. My SDCC was Lit. Can’t wait for next year.

@Buttwasted – Have either of you ever made a purchase at #SDCC that you later regretted? And maybe you were unable to get rid of?

@nightbodega – So now that you all tried Instagram video.  Is there a possibility of doing a pre-podcast before you record.

@AngusMaximus – Sounded like SDCC this year went a lot smoother with the online raffle and the Hall H wrist band process seemed to work great. What are you guys hearing? To groom or not to groom before a con?

@Cheezmo – How excited are you guys for Mayans FX?




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