Podcast: SDCC 2016 – Post Game Show (S02E43)

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Welcome to the Nerd Fu podcast!  If you’re looking for the latest & greatest in nerd/geek news, then this IS the podcast you’ve been looking for.

Normally, we bring you the latest in movies, TV, collectibles, gaming, comics & cons, but this week we’re wrapping up our recent San Diego Comic-Con experience with a recap of the amazing time we had at SDCC 2016.

Headphones in!
Volume up!
It’s on with the post con!


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We talked a lot about our day-to-day activities on the podcast, which there aren’t really any links for, but there were some things we wanted to share with you all.


So many awesome teasers and trailers were revealed at Comic-Con this year, some of which are now available (legally) online:


  • A nice amount of goodies from the Funko booth and Funko FunDays
  • Skottie Young pins x Marvel
  • Deadpool Blu-ray signed by Ryan Reynolds
  • Astro-Boy vinyl figure x Bait
  • Marvel Avengers PowerDeck x Mimoco (limited run of 500)

Lessons Learned

We’ll update this more if we receive extra submissions, but for now here’s quick list of  “lessons learned” from our recent Comic-Con trip.  These are meant to help future con-goers shape a better experience.  This is not a forum to complain and call out individuals or companies.

  • Bring a medkit. Seriously. If you’re already down with this then great! But make sure you have items to help your tummy. Just ask Sully.
  • Make friends! Some folks may have a hard time with this but it really is pretty easy at this con. Just keep an ear open for a fun conversation!
  • Standby lines for autographs of the show floor – yes this this is a thing and can be of GREAT use!
  • Standby lines for events like Conan Live – see previous bullet.
  • Keep your ears open around your favorite big booths – you never know what the people working on it are about to say or bring out.

Thank you!

We have so many people to thank for an amazing SDCC.  We certainly hope we remembered everyone.  If we left you out, it was not intentional:

  • Melissa – @melsully
  • Cheezmo – @padricksalton
  • Cyberaug – @cyberaug
  • @_19k_
  • Zack – @TootsToys
  • @NoDice
  • Tony – @Crazy4ComicCon
  • Violet & Josh – @gb_reviews
  • Cisco – @JohnnyCisco
  • Dianna – @LuckyNala323
  • Scott – @AngusMaximus
  • Pablo – @Elmachas
  • Mandy – @MayMay311




  • SDCC is WILD enough.

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