Pop! Games: Fallout 4

You’ve got the game.  You’ve wandered the land hunting for loot and wasted bobby pin after bobby pin looking for the ultimate treasure, but you’ve come up short.  Well search no more, we have just the thing. Our friends at Funko have a new treat for us, coming early 2016.  Start saving up those bottle caps kids!

Pop! Games: Fallout 4

The highly anticipated Fallout 4 series is coming to Pop!
The game’s main character, Sole Survivor, and his loyal companion, Dogmeat, take on the post-nuclear world 200 years after the Great War!
You may need to utilize the T-60 Power Armor to take down the ghoulish John Hancock!

Coming in February!


Pre-Order Your Fallout 4 Pop!’s

Don’t wait for these Fallout 4 Pop!’s to show up in your local store, or you might end up wandering the countryside, hoping to find these in a Vault somewhere.  Pre-order now and have them delivered to your door as soon as they are released.  We recommend Entertainment Earth and have provided links below to get you started.


More Fallout Fun

Don’t forget about the other Fallout vinyl figures from Funko.  Some of these are still available, but for how long?

Fallout Feral Ghoul Pop! Vinyl Figure
Fallout Brotherhood of Steel Pop! Vinyl Figure
Fallout Lone Wanderer Male Pop! Vinyl Figure
Fallout Mystery Minis Mini-Figure Display Box
Fallout Deathclaw Pop! Vinyl Figure
Fallout Super Mutant Pop! Vinyl Figure

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