Pop! Marvel: ‘Captain America: Civil War’ 4-Pack

Quite simply put – this is one of the most amazing things to happen with Funko, ever!  The Captain America: Civil War 4-Pack, featuring the all-new Spider-Man AND the first time we’ve seen Pocket Pop!’s and Pop! vinyl packaged together, is coming soon!

Everyone (almost literally) was begging for Spider-Man as one of the Civil War Funko Pop! figures, but it seemed like it wouldn’t happen, then Boom! Funko came through again. Underoos!!

Pop! Marvel: Captain America/Iron Man/Hawkeye/Spider-Man

Spider-Man and Hawkeye join the Captain America: Civil War Pop! line in a never-before-seen two Pop! and two Pocket Pop! Keychain bundle!
No matter which side you choose, these bobble-heads are essential for any Marvel collector!

Captain America: Civil War - Four Pack - Funko Pop! - Pocket Pop!

Coming in June!


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