Pop! Television: ThunderCats, HO!

Thunder! Thunder! Thunder! Thundercats, HO!

Really, is there anything we can say about the awesomeness of ThunderCats that isn’t perfectly summed up by that opening? No! – So let’s get on with the details from Funko.

Pop! Television: ThunderCats

From far beyond any known galaxy…

Bringing the laws and ideals of their doomed planet Thundera..

It’s the Thundercats!

These Pop!’s look pretty cute and snuggly for a bunch of warriors!

Release Date: December 17th


As always, get your pre-orders in to avoid the disappointment of missing out on this awesome series of Pop!’s. SNARF-SNARF

Here are a few retailers that either have the pre-order pages up already or will sometime in the near future.

TheVinylDead – All five figures available for just $8.95 each! – “expected December 2013”

ToyWiz.com – Cheetara and the others are available for pre-order – “ships January”

EntertainmentEarth.comLion-O and the others are available for pre-order – “coming in January 2014”

BigBadToyStore.comSnarf and the others are available for pre-order – “estimated to arrive December 2013”

FugitiveToys.com – the Thundercats Pop!’s are NOT available for pre-order yet, but check back soon for details

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  1. I love that Funko POP is making these from our fave TV shows when we were kids. Thanks for highlighting them. :o)

  2. They’re so awesome! Snarf, snarf.

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