Rocket League Hoops Coming Soon

Rocket League is doing it right! They created an awesome, super-addictive game that anyone can play and then made it available to the masses for a reasonable price.  But they didn’t stop there… oh no.

What do you do after putting out such an awesome game? You update it. You make it available on Xbox One. You add DLC like the DeLorean and Batmobile. You add new game types, like Snow Day (hockey). And you keep on hitting fans with more and more content that makes them want to return to the game to play again.

Psyonix Studios, the makers of Rocket League, is sticking with that formula and they’ve just given us a huge hint at what’s coming next.

Yup – they did it again. Dust off the controllers and get your aerial skills in order kids. It looks like we’re gonna be playing some Rocket League Hoops soon.

What do you think? Will this be another win for Rocket League?


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