RTX 2014 – Friday Rundown

The Nerd Fu crew landed at RTX on Friday and we were able to get onto the convention floor a little early before the masses invaded. We’ve highlighted some of the sights from Friday below…


The GameOverGreggy Show

I won’t say we were tricked into checking this panel out. And I won’t say that the program schedule had this listed under a different name. BUT, I will say that Sully and I were happy as hell to have gotten the chance to sit in on this panel and at the very front too for that matter! Up on stage were GameOverGreggy internet personalities Greg Miller, Nick Scarpino, and Tim Gettys – all of which were joined by Rooster Teeth’s very own Barbara  Dunkelman! The foursome talked pranks, personal inspirations, and the awesomeness that is RTX. Greg was also gracious enough to take his shirt off during the panel as well. Good times.

Red vs. Blue

Ever wonder what happens when you mic a bunch of close friends who can give each other a hard time like no one’s business and take off their verbal leash while feeding them Red Bull and whiskey? Well wonder no more my friend. That is exactly what happens at the Red vs. Blue panel pretty much every time. I have to say that for me, this one the biggest reasons why I LOVE going to RTX! The crowd went nuts as they saw the whole crew walk on stage which included Burnie Burns, Matt Hullum, Miles Luna, Kyle Taylor, Chris Dike, Josh Ornelas, Joel Heyman, Gray Haddock, and Shannon McCormick. Get all the sticky bomb glory in our Red vs. Blue Panel article from Friday!


The Controller Shop

The goal of The Controller Shop is to “combine the highest performing and the most attractive design options to create the unquestionably greatest custom controller out there.” From what we saw at their booth……..they win. Even though they were playing some phenomenal house music at their booth, the gaming controllers they had on display are what drew us in like moths to a flame. They had podium-style tables setup and in the middle of each one, nestled peacefully in it’s ballistic padded case, were jaw-dropping custome designed game controllers. We were able to steal one of the staffers away for a few minutes where we learned that to achieve the super glossy look and feel of each masterpiece, several design and production processes were needed and at the core – many layers of professional-grade automotive paint and clear coats. The booth even had a few laptops available in case the Picasso in you wanted to try designing gaming glam. We hadn’t heard of The Controller Shop before but you bet your Xbox One we’re bookmarking their website now!


Loot Crate and Gunnar Optiks

The folks from Loot Crate had some of their past crates available for purchase in case you wanted to try them out for the first time (sans the mail wait) or if you just wanted to grab a crate you may have missed. They also had some of their sweet shirts on sale along with a pretty wide selection of Funko POP!s.

Gunnar Optiks had a big presence as well on the exhibition floor and excited gamers with the visual tools they brought with them. In the short time we had in their booth, we noticed multiple purchases being made. Ohhh that sweet sound of commerce. Gunnar brought an arsenal of eyewear ready to serve the gaming, outdoor, and computer needs of us tech power users. Sully and I both spotted a few pair of their frames we may end up having to rescue from Gunnar’s stock. I’m looking at you Interceptions….



RTX is great place to get some hands-on time with upcoming titles that are on their way or in the process of being made. Which brings to mind – Capsule Force designed by Austin’s own Klobit! This little gem caught our attention as we strolled around looking at all the available games to try out. One of the booth members insisted we take a seat and give it test drive. Instant love! From the fun retro, Japanese anime-style graphics to the fast-paced background music and easy gamer interface, Sully and I had blast with this game! We could’ve easily spent several hours there playing it but alas we had to get up and make room for other attendees. The game is currently going through the Steam Greenlight process so make sure you check them out!

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