RTX 2014 – Red vs. Blue – PANEL

The enormous number of Red vs Blue fans that filled the main theater Friday were treated to a very special presentation…..that they didn’t know was coming….

Fans of the popular the web series cheered as Miles Luna came out and informed everyone that they would find out what happened next since the final episode of last season. And only them. The folks watching the live internet stream of the panel were going to have to wait until the upcoming Monday. The lights went down and the new episode aired. 

It was awesome. We’ll leave it at that.

Then the Miles came out and brought everyone else out on stage to join him. One by one they filed onto the stage and took a seat: Joel, Miles, Taylor, Josh, Chris, Gray, Shannon, Matt, and last but certainly NOT least…..Burnie. The guys were in classic form for pretty much the duration of the panel with Miles doing most of the talking. To watch these friends on stage cutting up and poking fun at one another makes you laugh non-stop. it’s incredible. Having twelve seasons of RVB under their belt makes the crew no less humble and thankful of their fans.


  • Miles and company go on to tell how popular sound at the office of the moment is a widely known “dub step sound” – which led to pretty much everyone downloading an app that let’s you play the sound at will
  • Fan question: “Will we ever learn anymore of the Freelancers names? Answer: “Mmmmmmmayyyyybe. That might be a potential spoiler question!”
  • Fan question: <edited> “Any thoughts on expanding the story of series?” Burnie: “We’re actually working on an expanded universe RVB book with Eddy Rivas. We’re actually pretty far along with it.”


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