RTX 2015 Takes Over Austin (Pre-Game)

The Nerd Fu Crew is gearing up to head up to Austin, Texas for the craziness that is RTX 2015 and while it’s sold out, we’ll be covering it for those that can’t make it and because we’re big fans of the RT crew. If you were able to score tickets, then congrats and look for the Nerd Fu shirts so we can say “hi!”

Austin’s very own Rooster Teeth drives this party that masquerades as a convention and we’ve attended it the last several years. And you know what? It just keeps getting better and better! Just in case you’ve been controller deep in a badass videogame and a that case of Surge you’re hiding, here’s a little info to get you caught up.


Where Gaming Meets the Internet.

No really. We’re serious. That’s actually from Rooster Teeth’s mouth (teeth mouth?) themselves. Want more? Okay. Almost all of the Rooster Teeth crew puts on this convention in Austin. Personalities from RWBY, Red vs Blue, The Slow Mo Guys, Lazer Team, and Achievement Hunter will be there. Need a little more clarification? No problemo. Read this:

RTX is a convention hosted by Rooster Teeth, where we celebrate internet culture and gaming. There are exhibitors, live events on our Gaming Center Stage, panels, activities, and more.

Got it? Good. Let’s move on…


RTX 2015 is like a gamer’s internet dream come true. At RTX, tens of thousands of Rooster Teeth fans, gamers, pop culture lovers, and everyone in-between flock to Austin to take part in RT’s hilarious panels, exciting industry news from developers, hands-on time with games (of course), cosplay, and wicked smart merch! There’s plenty to see and do and cool people to talk to are all around. Here’s a glimpse:

UBISOFT – Ubisoft joins RTX for the first time as an exhibitor, and will give attendees a chance to be among the first gamers in the world to get hands-on with its highly anticipated title, Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege!


RWBYRWBY: Grimm Eclipse, the upcoming multiplayer brawler for PC, published by Rooster Teeth Games, will make a showing on the RTX floor.

SKYBOUND ENTERTAINMENT – Robert Kirkman’s Skybound Entertainment will take center stage on Friday and host a live gameplay of their very own Superfight, created by Darin Ross.

EVENING EVENTS – Some events on the RTX 2015 schedule are Master Pancake Theater: Terminator 2, Cards Against Humanity, and Dungeons & Dragons & Drunks.

EXHIBITORS  / SPONSORS – 343 Industries, Ubisoft, Microsoft, Virgin Gaming, GAEMS, EA, Bungie, and Gunnar.


We’ll be providing some write-ups, snapping photos, and possibly some hardware/software reviews and/or interviews. Stay tuned to our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and of course right here on the site for more info!

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