Save the Day…..for Mark Ruffalo

Here at the Nerd Fu Dojo, politics don’t exactly come up and wedge themselves into our discussions about things like Mondo posters, awesome Stranger Things t-shirts, or the upcoming Doctor Strange film. However, there is a strong message out there when it comes to voting and that is we as citizens of the United States should do so. That’s where SaveTheDay.Vote and Joss Whedon come into play.

Now, whether you choose to take advantage of that right/civic duty/etc. (whatever you wish to call it) is completely up to you.

What we’re doing is just sharing this video from SaveTheDay.Vote which encourages everyone to vote. Period. Just get out there and make your choice and voice heard. The video is directed by none other than Joss Whedon who enlists the help of some of his friends and fellow citizens – some maybe a little famous, some not – to get that message across. And yes when you watch the video there’s a certain direction that all of them are taking but if you look past that, the bigger message is to just to vote. So enjoy the video for what it is, look for the meaning if you want or – better yet – just enjoy seeing and knowing that for a brief moment, Whedon was back directing RDJ, Scarlett Johansson, Mark Ruffalo, Nathan Fillion and more.

So vote or don’t vote, it’s your call. But ask yourself this: “What would Mark Ruffalo want?”


Save the Day.....for Mark Ruffalo

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