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Comic book collectors all come to the hobby from different angles and with different interests.  Some can’t wait to jump into the stories while others (like myself) are more into the investment side of things.  For me, the story inside often takes a back seat to the amazing art that brings the book to life and none of that art is more recognizable than the cover.

I started collecting years ago, hoping to score that next The Walking Dead type investment, but I found myself falling in love with the books and certain artists.  Then, last year, I was introduced to my now favorite comic book artist – Skottie Young.

Skottie Young is an amazing artist, with titles like The Wonderful World of OZ and Rocket Raccoon under his belt, but it is his series of Baby Variant covers for Marvel titles that first caught me attention.  Some of those covers are up for sale or pre-order now and, if you hurry, you might just be able to add a few of these to your collection.


Click on any of the images above or the links below to order your Skottie Young variant covers from TFAW.  We recommend TFAW because they offer great deals (including 20% off of pre-orders and they have the BEST shipping of any comic company we’ve bought from)

You can also check your local comic book store, convention or even eBay for back issues that Skottie has drawn for.

Be sure to check back with us often and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, etc. for updates.  We’ll continue to follow Skottie Young and share out his latest variant covers and projects as they are revealed.

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