Sons of Anarchy Pop!’s – The MC Goes Vinyl

Do we even need to say it – THESE ARE AWESOME! That about sums it up.

We’ve been waiting! We’ve been hoping! We’ve been praying!! And now, our wishes have come true.  The first wave of Sons of Anarchy Pop! figures from Funko has been teased and we finally have some glam shots to show off, thanks to our friends at Entertainment Earth.


Charming’s toughest motorcycle club has arrived on the Pop! scene!

They look pretty cute, but I wouldn’t cross them!

Jax is so dreamy…Even when he’s only 3.75″ tall.

The first wave of Sons of Anarchy Pop!’s brings us Clay Morrow, Jax Teller, Gemma Morrow and Opie Winston (RIP).


A press release from Funko landed last night (late 11/21/13) with details on the SOA Pop!’s.

The release date is officially January 7th!


Want to add these “bad boys” to your collection? Don’t hesitate. Get your pre-order on before it’s too late.

Entertainment EarthJax, Opie, Clay, Gemma > Each $9.99 – “coming in January 2014” – Jax, Opie, Clay, Gemma > Each $9.99 – “pre-order ships February”

BigBadToyStore.comJax, Opie, Clay, Gemma > Each $9.99 – “estimated to arrive 1st Quarter 2014”

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  1. These guys are gonna be up on Complete Set soon. So glad to finally see Sons of Anarchy! But I’m still holding out hopes for Doctor Who Pops soon!

  2. I’m actually really excited about these because Sons of Anarchy is amazing in general!

    • So far people have showed a lot of love for that line of POPs! We huge fans of the show as well so we’re hoping there will be a 2nd line with some of the other characters down the road….

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