Stan Lee – Dallas Comic Con 2014


Dallas Comic Con featured a massive amount of A-list guests, but none could touch the royalty that is Stan Lee! We were lucky enough to be there for not one, but two panels with Stan the man and we even got in on a few photos.

Sully attended the first panel (an extra, paid event) and then the whole Nerd Fu crew sat in Hall D for his main panel.

Stan might have been older than most anyone in the room, but he is still spry, quick witted and as charming as anyone could possibly imagine.


Stan was asked about many of his favorites

  • Favorite cameo – Captain America: the Winter Soldier
  • Favorite Spider-Man movies – “I haven’t see the new one but I love the first ones…..”
  • Why silver surfer is one of his favorite characters – “he was a guy from another world…looking at the world at people wondering why we squander it”
  • Favorite project he’s worked/working on? – “I’m not too good at favorites …. there are so many different things to like. In Washington … president Bush gave me a medal …. forgot the name of it ….. gives me the medal .. and I said you’re not gonna kiss ME are ya!?”

Here are some other Q&A’s from the panel

  • One fan said “Hey Stan – you’re the man” and without skipping a beat, Stan said “damn right!”
  • Q: what movie would you like to be in?   A: “If They put Stan Lee in a superman or batman movie….everybody would come to see Stan Lee!”
  • Q: Many people think you’re the Watcher … are you?   A: “I’m not don’t worry.”
  • Q: On being handed something to sign that’s DC   A: “I don’t mind someone giving me something second grade.”
  • Q: which one of the original Xmen do you relate to most?   A: “I like the Beast, Angel, and Professor X … but I like Magneto”

Stan is a grammar fanatic and had a couple rules for us all

  • “Comic Book is supposed to be ONE word…not two!”
  • “Spider-Man is always spelled with a hyphen, never as one word – never “SpiderMan!”

Stan on the creation of Spider-Man

“I was home trying to think of a character …. saw a fly on my wall. So I thought wouldn’t it be groovy if there was a guy who crawl on walls. So I ran into my publishers office and I said his name is SPIDER-MAN and he’s a teenager who’s got problems. My publisher said it was a horrible idea.

We were killing off this book AMAZING FANTASY, and when they’re killing off a book, nobody cares what’s in the last issue, so we put in Spider-Man.  After the final sales numbers came out, my publisher came into my office and said, remember that character Spider-Man that we both liked so much….”

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