Want These Star Wars Kites You Will

ThinkGeek is making Star Wars fans dreams of piloting the Millennium Falcon or X-Wing come true. Well, almost true. Pretty close that’s for sure. A recent line of Star Wars kites are available now from ThinkGeek for $40 each and include R2-D2, Luke’s X-Wing, the Millennium Falcon, or the Death Star – which is a ThinkGeek exclusive! Fans will have fun commandeering these kites and enjoying a casual sunny day or maybe staging their own . TG does note that the X-Wing is more complicated to fly than the others so Rebel pilots take caution when preparing your own assault run.

If you’re thinking that $40 may be a little pricey for a kite, don’t worry. These are the kites you’re looking for……and not the cheap rolled-up plastic ones we had when we were little padawans. They’re also a pretty good size too. Check out the specs below and May the Force Be With You!

Star Wars kites


  • Officially-licensed Star Wars merchandise
  • Nylon sail material + fiberglass airframe
  • Dimensions
    • Millennium Falcon |  50″ tall
    • R2-D2 |  48″ tall
    • X-Wing |  52″ tall
    • Death Star |  37″ tall


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