Star Wars Steins – May the Froth Be With You

Read this, you will.  Purchase these, you must.

Whether you’ve got a cantina that rivals Mos Eisley’s or just a fridge in the back of your ship, these Star Wars Collectible Ceramic Steins will help you relax in serious style. Pop the top on a cold one and then pop the top on your stein to fill it with up to 22 oz. of your favorite beverage. Choose Boba Fett, Darth Vader, or R2-D2 to be your drinking buddy.



For more information on the Star Wars steins, including product specifications, price and order information, click any of the images above or the link below to jump over to ThinkGeek.  They have a HUGE selection of awesome products that we simply cannot get enough of.

Star Wars Steins – R2-D2, Darth Vader & Boba Fett

Just remember to drink responsibly. No drinking and flying. No drinking and podracing. And definitely no drinking and operating an Imperial Walker. Have we made ourselves clear?

May the Froth Be With You



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