Supernatural Pop!’s Return – Sam and Dean Variants

We thought that was it.  We finally got our Supernatural Pop!’s (the one’s that we had been begging Funko to make forever) – Sam, Dean & Castiel were ours.  Then, at Toy Fair 2014, our hopes and dreams were shot down with the information that there were “no plans to make additional Supernatural Pop!’s in the near future.”  We hung our heads low and tried to put it behind us.  Then THIS happened!

Out of nowhere, a HUGE announcement from the good people at – Supernatural Variants are on the way!!!  Sneaky, sneaky Funko!


Announced 4-09-14 on their official Facebook page, will be selling two different sets of variants for Sam & Dean Winchester.

  • Blood Splatter Sam & Dean
    • $19.99 each


  • Metallic Blood Splatter Sam & Dean
    • $34.95 each
    • limited to less than 500 pieces

CLICK HERE TO ORDER (pre-order sold out on 4-14-14 but check back later, ConventionExclusive sometimes holds back a few)



That’s all the information we have at this time, but we do know that will be “doing pre-orders on them starting on Monday” (referring to 4-14-14).

Stay tuned and check back here for more details.

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