Sam and Dean Wrap Supernatural’s Eighth Season

As I write this, the Winchester brothers have just had their last show of their 8th season. “Bawls!”


But atlas hunters….for all is not lost. According to Daily Dead, the CW has confirmed that Supernatural will be back for a 9th season later this year! Yes we know that its a long way away right now but just think, a 9th season?? That’s not bad for a show that once started out a future that was less than bright. Although there has been talk that this or the next season could be the swan song for our favorite “Men of Letters,” we are seriously crossing our fingers that it won’t be. It is understandable that it continues to prove more and more difficult finding baddies for the guys to cross paths with but we think the show has done a pretty good job with everything so far. We’ve seen deaths that we didn’t 100% agree with, episodes that bring the funny, and returning plot lines from the past but the show continues to draw us in with each episode again and again.

I remember not having seen a single episode, then buying season 1 and basically pulling an all-nighter just to see how it ended. I was hooked right away! Sully and I were fortunate enough to catch the cast at SDCC last year and they had one of the best panels of the Con hands down. You can even check out some of Sully’s photos via Flickr here. We will be headed to SDCC again later this July and hopefully, if the water cooler talk holds true, the Supernatural crew will be there again! Rest assure that if they are at SDCC, not even Hell Hounds will keep us away.




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