The Batmobile Headed to Rocket League!

We were just talking (last night on the Nerd Fu podcast) about the endless possibilities that Rocket League has to add awesome vehicles to their game. Their initial offering of the DeLorean was Epic, and adding the Hogsticker & Armadillo for Xbox One release was pure genius, but why stop there?

Imagine boosting down the field in K.I.T.T., Ecto-1, the General Lee, the Impala from Supernatural or one of dozens, maybe even hundreds of famous vehicles from pop culture. Well, it turns out we were on the right track, because this news just dropped and it is Awesome!

The Batmobile Headed to Rocket League

That’s right, on March 8th you’ll be able to add the Batmobile to your garage in Rocket League, for a mere $2.  The Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Car Pack will give you access to Batman’s ride of choice, featuring (possibly) the best sounding engine ever in Rocket League. Watch the teaser video (above) and tell me that hearing the Batmobile doesn’t give you the goosebumps.

Batmobile - Rocket League

What’s interesting is, they call this a car “pack.” Does that mean that Psyonix is going to give us more than just the car with this DLC? Could there be a Batman themed arena or maybe something Superman themed coming along for the ride?

On March 8th it’ll be : Batman v Hogsticker, Batman v Armadillo, Batman v DeLorean or whatever else you want Batman to “v.” Who’s ready?!

What’s Next for Psyonix and Rocket League?

We threw out a few ideas of cars we’d like to see in Rocket League, but we know you’ve got something even better in mind? What famous vehicles would you like to see tearing up the field in future DLC for the game?



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