The Dark Knight Retrospective That’s a Must-See

This 10-minute Dark Knight Retrospective is nothing short of heroic. While I may have a few reservations about Director Christopher Nolan, one thing goes without saying – what he did for Batman made a huge footprint in the realm of the superhero movie experience. This video is hands down one of the best cut montages I’ve ever seen. It shows some of the very best moments of Christian Bale’s Batman and his journey to be the “silent guardian, watchful protector” we all know and love.

A big thanks goes to our friends at Collider who posted the story about YouTuber Thomas Davidson’s video because we may never have known about it otherwise. Now this Dark Knight Retrospective lives on our “Watch Later” list and is bookmarked.

It’s that good.

Check it out and I promise it will have you checking out the Dark Knight films again very, very soon.

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