The Goonies – Funko ReAction Figures

Our friends at Funko delivered one treasure when they announced Funko Pop!’s for The Goonies back in October.  Now they are back with another big announcement featuring our favorite Goon Docks residents.


“Hey, you guys!”

The Goonies ReAction figures are coming for treasure this August!

They’re almost as irresistible as a Baby Ruth!

A treasure even One-Eyed Willie would be proud to have.

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Available in August



The Goonies ranks up there as one of the all time classics and that’s probably going to translate to some big sales on this new ReAction line.  Don’t wait for these to sell out at your local comic shop (assuming they get any at all).  Jump on a pre-order now and have them delivered right after release.

We recommend ordering from a credible, proven online vendor, like Entertainment Earth.  Here are some direct links to get you started.


“Goonies Never Say Die!!”

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