‘The Last Witch Hunter’ Panel – NYCC 2015

The Last Witch Hunter panel at NYCC 2015 welcomed all the stars of the movie (that were there) with a very loud round of applause. This was for director Breck Eisner and cast members Rose Leslie and Elijah Wood. And that was loud. Really loud. But…

The raging truly happened when Vin Diesel walked on stage in full swagger mode! The big guy came on stage to Limp Bizkit’s “Rollin” – which was on The Fast and the Furious soundtrack. This only enhanced the raging. Diesel came out in his signature style that consisted of the big avatar sunglasses and cell phone pulled out and taking video of everyone. We were treated to a new trailer of the film and also saw an small extended fight sequence. The special effects were amazing! I really can’t wait for this to be released. I think there’s a lot of draw for this type of fantasy film and Vin Diesel looks like he can certainly carry his own against the forces of evil.

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Once the madness calmed down a bit, moderator and MTV personality Josh Horowitz fired some questions off at the guests of The Last Witch Hunter panel.

What made made you want to do this type of movie?

I’ve long wanted to find something in the fantasy realm….someone who was a badass a long time ago and a badass in New York City! It’s so unique to come across something like this..to go for something original like this. We’re just so lucky and blessed. – Diesel

This really is the dream team (cast) for me.  I don’t start with who would be popular at comic con. This is a real Dream Team. – Eisner

There are so many reasons why this film was so attractive to me. The idea idea of playing an 800 year old immortal…it’s challenging…and as you know, I don’t shy away from a challenge. – Diesel

Can you tell us a little bit about your characters?

Chole is a modern witch working and living in modern day New York. She works at a memory bar where witches can come and tap into their memory. That’s where things unfold for Vin here. –  Leslie

I’m part of the order of The Axe and Cross. I’m a Dolan which is a line of priests that exist to help Kaulder and to help stamp out black magic. – Wood

On the idea of The Last Witch Hunter being a franchise…

(everyone applauds) I remember being on set where I was doing a scene with Michael Caine and all the studio execs were behind the monitor all day. One of the execs came to my trailer and said “We want to start the sequel”. (more applause) – Diesel

On Vin Diesel’s D&D name…

If you ever come across the 30th anniversary D&D book….I wrote the foreword to that book. Let’s just say I stole the name from a popular fantasy author. “Melcor”. That was my character’s name. – Diesel

When will we see more Riddick?

Well…I don’t know if it’s just a coincidence but David Twothy just described a script called “Furya”. (more applause)

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