The World’s End – SDCC 2013 Panel [PHOTOS]

Friday morning (7/19/13) at San Diego Comic Con started off with a panel for The World’s End and, since I am a HUGE fan of Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, I wasn’t going to miss it.

In case you aren’t familiar, The World’s End is the third movie in The Cornetto Trilogy (if you haven’t heard of this, you really have to click the link and read about it) and it will premiere here in the US on August 23rd.  The guys took time to explain the trilogy and how they turned a college hangover remedy (stumbled upon by Edgar himself) into a gag and product placement goldmine.

This was a first for me, to see Edgar Wright in person, and I it was immediately apparent why Simon and Nick like working with him so much.  He is just as funny as those two and the three of them acted like brothers up on stage.

What’s next for the Cornetto gang.  Well, they didn’t rule out a fourth film, but did suggest that it wouldn’t be part of the series. It’ll just be another 5, 6, 7….. years before we get there because Edgar Wright is attached to a project in the Marvel universe – Ant-Man!

Video footage of the panel was posted on YouTube by magicinthenumbers : WATCH HERE

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