Transformers: The Movie – Limited Edition Steelbook

While at San Diego Comic-Con, we ran into the folks at Shout! Factory who were displaying lots of great promotional items and prints of films and TV. There was one particular item on display at the front of their booth that caught my eye….

Transformers: The Movie Limited Edition 30th Anniversary Steelbook

Transformers: The Movie - Steelbook

The box art for this Transformers: The Movie steelbook was talked about several months ago but it was not final at the time. Recently, the final art (pictured above) was revealed by Shout! Factory. Old Autobots like myself will recognize the key characters on the cover as many of them were on the original movie poster that pretty much everyone has seen.


I love the original movie poster but and I also really dig the new way this art has recreated the old cover art with Optimus Prime holding the Matrix of Leadership, Hot Rod, Galvatron, Megatron and Starscream in the background. I have the previously released 20th anniversary double disc DVD which included both full and widescreen format but I cannot wait for this new Blu-ray edition! That being said, my fellow Transformers fans don’t have to wait much longer! This steelbook will become available on Blu-ray next month, September 13th and can be ordered from Amazon right now at the sale price of only $19.99 (regularly $34.99) and yes, Amazon “Prime” is an option. As a hardcore Transformers fan I can easily say this will be added to my collection without question

‘Til all are one.


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