Walgreens Funko Pop! Exclusives Coming Soon

A new player has entered the ring.  Walgreens will soon begin carrying Funko Pop! exclusives, starting with 4 awesome Marvel figures.

According to Marvel.com, the new exclusives will include Black Suit Spider-Man, Punisher, Venom & Spider-Man 2099.

Coming in January, 2015!


Looks like you’ll need to add your local Walgreens to your ever-growing Pop Hunting map that already includes Hot Topic, Barnes & Nobles and your local comic book shop.


This information was provided to the Funko Trading by PopVinyls.com Facebook Group by user Jessica Uriz (a Walgreens employee)

“The new POPs will come in what we call a “shipper”. It will be a cardboard cutout with the POPs in display. It will be padded with styrofoam and bubble wrap. So the POPs should make it in good condition.

They will NOT have an exclusive UPC. So the UPC will show up in our systems as an “assortment” which includes the existing POPs already in stock. No way to tell the difference unless an employee actually looks for you.

The scan label that comes with the shipper WILL be something I can use to look up to see if other stores got it in. I have a feeling that being an east coaster we will have ours arrive late, the exclusive Boba Fett and Agent Venom figures (not Funko) came about a month after the west coast.

I will be on the lookout for any emails as I’m sure there will be some and I will make future posts  there is over 8,000 Walgreens in the US so people please don’t panic. I promise these won’t be hard to find”

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  1. These things are so awesome!

  2. Oh man these make me so excited!!! I love Funko’s Pops!!!

  3. Excited for these Pop figures. Especially The Punisher one!

  4. I want all of them!!!

  5. Yep, mighty tempting.

  6. Good thing there’s a walgreens at my neighborhood!

  7. These look great, especially Venom!

  8. These are freaking awesome, cant wait for the punisher!

  9. looks amazing! not helping the wallet haha

  10. I need to have these for my Marvel collection!

  11. I’m actually super excited for these to come out!

  12. I live in Indonesia but I hope my brother can get them for me. I love funko and the exclusives are impossible to find in my country.

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