Whoa – This… this isn’t the Matrix?

15 years ago, the Wachowski brothers (I guess you’d say siblings now) were in the process of filming one of my favorite movies of all time, the Matrix.  They followed that up with two more films, which most people seem to hate, and put the trilogy to rest…. or did they?

Fast forward to 2013 – I’m catching up on some TV from the past week (thank you TiVo) and as I fast-forward through a set of commercials BAM! – there it is.  I quickly pound the rewind button and head back to what I thought I just saw.  Holy cow, it really… is…. Agent Smith (Hugo Weaving) in a commercial.

I won’t bore you with the details, but Agent Smith is back to pimp GE‘s #brilliantmachines campaign.  I think the look and feel of the commercial captured the spirit of the original movies and there is a great nod to the “blue or red pill,” which we’ve completely spoiled with the thumbnail for this article, but you’ll still enjoy seeing it in the video anyway.

What do you think? Did Agent Smith sell out, or is this just another plan to wipe out humanity?  I guess Neo and the gang didn’t win after all.

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Comments about the commercial are starting to pop up on Twitter using the hashtag #brilliantmachines:



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