Wonder Woman First Look – Featurette & First Footage

The half hour special DC Films Presents: The Dawn of the Justice League aired Tuesday (1/19/16) on the WB and I was glued to the screen, like so many of you I’m sure.  During the show, host Kevin Smith and Geoff Johns (Chief Creative Officer at DC Comics) talked about Batman v Superman, Suicide Squad & a slew of other films that we’ll get to see over the next few years.  There was a ton of new footage and that amazing trailer for Suicide Squad, but nothing got my attention like the footage of Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman.

Sure, we’ve all seen Wonder Woman in the Batman v Superman trailer, but this special was our first look at the upcoming standalone film, which included new footage of Wonder Woman fighting, Chris Pine as Steve Trevor and some insight into what Johns thinks about the character (which should give us some ideas on how they will bring her to life on the big screen).


Geoff Johns went into some detail during the featurette, and here is what he had to say:

Wonder Woman is one of the greatest super heroes out there, but people don’t know her origin like they know Superman’s origin and Batman’s origin and so what we wanna do in the film is really tell people who she is, where she comes from and why she does what she does.  We’ve never seen her on film before.

She comes from a Greek mythology.  She was born on this island of Amazons, called Themyscira.  These Amazons were once created to protect man’s world, but they’ve since abandoned it and Diana is asking constantly ‘Why don’t we go do what we were created to do and protect man?’ and they say ‘Because they’re not worth it.’ This takes her on a journey into our world.

She’s an Amazon warrior. She’s the best fighter in the DC Universe.  She has strength and speed and she’s been training her whole life for war.



Want more?  You can watch the entire 30-minute DC Films Presents: The Dawn of the Justice League on CWTV’s official website now. Just click the image below.



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