X-Men: Apocalypse – Emoji & GIF Guide

Here we are, approaching the release date of another giant, mega-blockbuster movie – X-Men: Apocalypse. There are a gazillion trailers out for the film and the marketing has gone into hyperdrive, which means that we get access to all kinds of awesome images, footage and (unfortunately) spoilers.

For those of us who love to talk about these big movies before we head out to the theater to watch, Twitter is the perfect forum. Something as simple as a hashtag can bring fans from all over the world into one giant conversation. Luckily for us, the minds at Twitter have provided us with some new-ish tools to enhance our conversations – Emojis & Animated GIFs. OK – they didn’t create either, but they have made them MUCH easier to use now.



First up, it looks like the marketing budget for X-Men: Apocalypse included the support of custom emojis. It’s super simple. You tweet the designated hashtag that corresponds with a custom emoji and Twitter will automatically generate the emoji image at the end of the hashtag. So far, we’ve seen these from Star Wars, Batman v Superman, Captain America: Winter Soldier & other films/brands.

The list of custom emojis for X-Men: Apocalypse is rather short at the moment, considering the number of characters in the film, but I bet more are on the way. The current list (as of 4/28/16) includes: Quicksilver, Storm, Professor X & Apocalypse.

We tested some of the newest emojis in a recent tweet:


The downside? These emojis won’t be around forever. In fact, our guess is that the emojis for #SoQuick, #SoElectric and the others will be gone by the time the movie gets here. They’ll just magically disappear from every tweet that used them, leaving a somewhat disjointed conversation.


In addition to the fun emojis, there are also some (44 at the time this article written) awesome animated GIFs for the film. Many of the characters are represented with their very own animated GIF and there are some general ones for the film.

Here are a couple examples – Magneto & Psylocke:



Want to use these GIFs in your tweets? Unfortunately, you can’t just compose a tweet and hit the magical new GIF button to find these gems. No (and we aren’t sure why), but you’ll need to download the image to your mobile device first, then attach to your tweet as an image. Luckily, you can do all this from your mobile device.



Did we miss something? Do you have more information or an easier way to accomplish what we are talking about here? Leave it in the comments and we’ll make changes if your info is helpful.


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