You Are Freaking Out…Man: ‘Super Troopers’ Sequel Getting Close

One of the most beloved and WELL quoted comedy films in the universe would have to be 2001’s Super Troopers. There are virtually no parts in that film that don’t have at least 3 or 4 memorable lines in them. From “the snozberries taste like snozberries” to the “meow” game, there’s lots to love. Even thought it’s been a while since we’ve seen all the boys, a Super Trooper sequel might not be a bad idea. Jay Chandrasekhar, the star and director of the first film, recently talked to Pete Holmes of the Nerdist family and gave a hint of what’s going on with the potential sequel.

More on that:

“We’re close to signing,” Chandrasekhar told host Pete Holmes during the August 27 podcast.

Chandrasekhar didn’t offer any concrete story details, but he promised Super Troopers 2 wouldn’t be too different from the 2001 film. “Well look, rather than make one where Joe Pesci comes in with blonde hair, we’re just going to do another one,” Chandrasekhar said. “The mustaches are going to be a little bigger, but basically, it’s going to be a really similar style movie.”


as told to host Pete Holmes of the You Made It Weird podcast


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  1. Very exciting. Let’s just hope this isn’t of Anchorman 2 quality. Blech.

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