2015’s Movie Marathons We Wouldn’t Mind Seeing…..Maybe

Ahhh the movie marathon. Usually attended by the hardcore fan of a given franchise, we’ve seen a little more of these half-to-all-day big screen events the last few years. Whether it was the franchise about young wizards, a vampire/werewolf saga, or a superhero extravaganza – there’s no doubt that the movie marathon will be slowing down now. I’ve personally seen several marathons before. It started with the Marvel MCU (when The Avengers came out) – that was 6 films in a row, then later I saw the Iron Man and Dark Knight trilogies. The latter two weren’t too bad lengthwise but the MCU Phase One was well………….just plain awesome! It was an endurance trial that really only pushed my limits during Captain America which, let’s face it, was pretty slow. But I’d do it again.

In an article put out by WhatCulture.com, they listed “10 Painfully Long Movie Marathons You Have To Do At Least Once” which listed the following movie collections:

    1. James Bond 
    2. Star Trek
    3. Harry Potter
    4. Alien Vs Predator
    5. Marvel Cinematic Universe (Phase One)
    6. The Star Wars Saga
    7. The Planet of the Apes
    8. The Twilight Saga
    9. The Lord of the Rings Trilogy
    10. The Dark Knight Trilogy

Now BEFORE you start shouting into the nerd heavens, let me just clear up a few things. First, if you click that link you’ll get that writer’s reasoning on why you should watch that particular series/saga/trilogy. You’ll also get a total runtime of how long it would take to watch that certain collection. And finally, to me anyway, the most interesting point of that article was the inclusion of some of the reboots. BUT, I’m here to talk 2015’s potential marathons my friends.

Here are some marathons that may or may not happen. Are they worth it? I definately think some are while others you could probably do from the comfy real estate of your couch. I’m not including runtimes (don’t hate me) but if you’re fans of what I list then you can pretty much figure out if you’re in for either a half day session or a bladder-busting, concession stand coma full kinda day. Hit the lights….


FURIOUS 7  (4/3/15)


Other than the Marvel Phase Two marathon that we hope happens, The Fast and the Furious collection would really be the only other franchise marathon on this list we’d blindly throw our money at in theaters. Seeing the gang from the very beginning would yield seven films. Let’s go for a little ride…..



The Jurassic Park franchise is for sure one of the more fun marathons you may want to catch. Something for the whole family to see – if you’re okay with the occasional human getting snacked on. Seeing this dino-mite (see what I did there?) collection would only have you in your theater seat for only four films. Did you hear something?



I’ll be honest. We weren’t totally thrilled we heard “Joe Hollywood” was messing with this iconic sci-fi collection. However, seeing a Terminator marathon on the big screen – with this reboot new whatever film included – may not be that bad. On the other hand, it may have us wishing for the world to end to get out of that movie early. Including this and the other films, Skynet would have your day programmed for five films.

ANT-MAN (7/17/15)


Now we’re talking. Marvel’s tour de force – otherwise known as Phase Two – is a marathon that we will throw our money at, take a sick day to watch it, catch an Uber to get to a theater, whatever it takes. And since the other big Marvel film will have came out prior to the time Ant-Man will come out, we’d be in for one helluva treat! We’re talking Iron Man 3, Thor: The Dark World, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Guardians of the Galaxy, and Avengers: Age of Ultron. Add this movie to the mix, and this MCU superpowered day will have you cheering through six films straight!


use this MOCK

Last but not least we have The Hunger Games marathon. This franchise has done pretty well. While they have had a great reception at San Diego Comic Con in the past, the fans have sometimes been a little fickle. I can say that, for me, I really enjoyed the first two movies. This last outing was a little…meh. But I’m sticking around to the end. Will the conclusion of this collection warmly smolder in your heart or will it just go up in smoke? Time will tell. May these four films be ever in your favor.

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