2016 Nerd Needs Gift Guide – Board Games

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Ahh the holidays. That special time of year when your bank account’s screams are muffled by the sounds of department store shoppers and mouse-clicking through online sales ads. But never fear because we’re here to help take some of the online browsing weight off of your shoulders. We present our 2016 Nerd Needs Gift Guide – Boards Games Edition! Below, we’ve made a pretty sweet list that we’ve checked twice that include some of the most popular fandom-themed board games out there. These games are sure to please the board gamer on your holiday shopping list this season OR pick up a few for yourself so you’re armed and ready when the family comes over.  You can thank us later.

Classic board games have come a long way in terms of theme and design. Sure, the classics will always have their place in gaming history but with so many updated versions – why settle for just the “normal” version? USAopoly has acquired some of the very best licenses out there for movies, TV, and video games. With these licenses, they’ve elevated the classic Monopoly, CLUE, and RISK games to a pop culture level that will liven up any celebration or get-together. For the Monopoly fan, there are board designs that feature Jurassic World, Ghostbusters, and The Walking Dead! RISK fans may enjoy seeing twists of the game that feature Doctor Who, Game of Thrones, and even the Marvel MCU! Love a little mystery? Then check out special CLUE versions that feature Supernatural, Star Wars, and Alien Vs Predator! The Disney Cranium game is perfect for spreading the fun around with your little Mouseketeers while the Marvel MCU (Vol. 2) Trivial Pursuit game will challenge the comic book Avenger on your list. Happy shopping!

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