42 – A Quick Review

The original trailers for 42 piqued my interest, but a few weeks ago I saw an extended preview that really got me excited about 42, so the wife and I made sure to venture over to the Alamo DraftHouse today for opening weekend.

First off, if you’re a fan of baseball at all, you need to get to a theater to see this while it’s on the big screen.  In addition to the outstanding cast and great story, the filmmakers did an AMAZING job of bringing to life the ballparks of the past.  As a fan of the game, and especially the history of our national pastime, I was blown away by the recreation of Ebbets field and the other parks featured in the film.



And for those of you who don’t consider yourself a fan of the sport, don’t worry.  Solid performances from two of the best pilots in space, Harrison Ford and Alan Tudyk, complimented Chadwick Boseman’s portrayal of Jackie Robinson perfectly.

I won’t lie, 42 tugs at the heartstrings a bit and I found myself fighting back some emotions during the film.  There are some tough moments to watch and some choice wording that I still struggle with hearing, but you won’t find yourself feeling as uncomfortable as you did during Django.

The ONLY negative to the film (SPOILER ALERT) was watching my beloved Wash (Alan Tudyk) play a first-class ass in the film.  I mean, how can you not like Alan Tudyk??

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