426 Ways to Celebrate ALIEN Day – 4/26/16

Here we are, just a week away from the all important 4/26/16 – ALIEN DAY! No, it’s not some off-the-wall prediction of an incoming alien invasion, but a celebration of one of the greatest science-fiction films of all time – ALIENS!

Why 4/26? The date is a direct reference to the planet LV-426, the setting of Ridley Scott’s Alien (1979) and James Cameron’s Aliens (1986).

But do we really need a reason to celebrate this storied franchise? Not really, but it is fun to have a single day of the year where everyone can share their love for the Alien films. So, we pulled together a few suggestions on how to make the most of your 4/26.

426 Ways to Celebrate ALIEN Day – 4/26/16

OK – so we don’t really have 426 “unique” ways to celebrate the day.  We took some liberties with the number to drive home the point that there are a LOT of ways you can observe ALIEN day. And we plan on adding to this list as time goes on, so who knows?…. maybe we’ll get there.


Stomp around in your Limited Edition Alien Stomper Reeboks 

Reebok is set to bring back the Alien Stomper in the same form you saw on Ellen Ripley’s feet. The shoes are set to release in mid and high form on 4/26. More info available on SneakerNews.com.
BONUS: You can Enter to WIN a pair directly from Reebok!

Alien Day - Reebok - Alien Stompers

Attend a one-of-a-kind Special Screening at Alamo Drafthouse

The Alamo Drafthouse has partnered with Mondo and 20th Century Fox to create one-of-a-kind special screenings of ALIEN and ALIENS featuring exclusive collectibles, customized video preshows, and all sorts of additional Xenomorph insanity at each location! Details on Drafthouse.com.

Alien Day - Alamo Drafthouse

Order an ALIEN 30th Anniversary Crate from LootCrate

LootCrate and 20th Century Fox have partnered to bring you a Limited Edition crate with 5 Exclusive Items, including a T-Shirt, artwork, comic book, figure and more. Disclaimer: We don’t know when this goes on sale. Read our article and sign up for notifications so you don’t miss out.

Alien Day - Loot Crate - 30th Anniversary Crate

Read Aliens 30th Anniversary: The Original Comics Series from Dark Horse

Dark Horse and Twentieth Century Fox Consumer Products are releasing an oversized hardcover edition of the unabridged and unadulterated series! Available in Hardcover and for Kindle on Amazon.com.
Added 4/23: Dark Horse Tweeted about next weeks release and included this video.

Host Your Own ALIENS Viewing Party at Home

Assuming you don’t already own one or more of the Alien films, there’s still time to order them for your own at-home viewing party. Order from Amazon.com now, before it’s GAME OVER, MAN!

Alien Day - DVD - Collectors Edition

Play Through the ALIEN Video Games

According to Wikipedia.com, there are over 40 different video games featuring the Alien character. From the original 1982 release on the Atari 2600 to 2014’s Alien: Isolation, you have literally thousands of hours of playtime here. You should probably get started now.

Alien Day - Video Games

Wind Up Your Seiko Giugiaro Chronograph Re-Issue

Got a thing for watches? Seiko announced two re-issue versions of the watch that Ripley wore in Aliens: the Seiko X Giugiaro Design Spirit Smart SCED035 and SCED037, available in gray or black housings. More details: gizmodo.com.

Alien Day - Seiko Watch

Listen to Alien: Out of the Shadows: An Audible Original Drama

The story picks up where the first film, Alien, stopped. Rutger Hauer (Bladerunner), Corey Johnson, Matthew Lewis & more narrate this story, to be released on (yeah – you guessed it) 4/26/16. More information on Amazon.com.

Alien Day - Audible - Out Of The Shadows

Get Your Tickets for the Aliens 30th Anniversary Reunion

For those of you lucky enough to live in/near Houston or willing to travel, there is something VERY special happening in June. Comicpalooza (the largest convention in H-Town) will host a 30th Anniversary Reunion with Sigourney Weaver, Bill Paxton, Michael Biehn & more.

Alien Day - Comicpalooza - Reunion Panel

Play a Board Game – Alien VS Predator CLUE

While there are board games based on the Alien films, they are a bit older, harder to find and more expensive. You CAN however pick up on Alien VS Predator CLUE for a reasonable price at Amazon.com

Alien Day - Board Game - Alien VS Predator - CLUE

Play the Alien: Ultimate Trivia Contest on Twitter to WIN Prizes

Alien Anthology is hosting an Alien Day trivia contest with a new question every 42 minutes and 36 seconds (42.6 minutes). The first question drops at 12am ET, April 26th.  For more details, follow @AlienAnthology on Twitter.

Alien Day - Alien Anthology - Twitter

Track Down the Alien Day Exclusive Kenner Tribute Ripley Action Figure from NECA

To mark the out-of-this-world global celebration of the ALIEN franchise, be sure to pick up the 7” Alien Day Exclusive Kenner Tribute Ripley Action Figure with Mini-Comic! Available at Toys R Us and Hasting stores. For more info, check out the article on NECA’s website.


Check out the Amazing Lineup of Alien Posters, Vinyl & Apparel from Mondo

Mondo just revealed a TON of Alien Day items, including several posters, vinyl (including an album filled with green blood) & apparel. Some of these items are already on sale and others will be on sale on 4/26. Details Here

Alien Day - Mondo - Posters - Vinyl - Apparel

Check to see what Funko is Revealing

Looks like our friends at Funko are getting in on the game with a secret something that will be revealed on…. <you guessed it> 4/26/16.
UPDATED: The Funko reveal is here. New Funko Pop! Vinyl & ReAction coming soon. Figures up for Pre-Order now! #MustHave

Aliens - Funko - ReAction & Pop! Vinyl

Attend the Alien Day Art Show at Blast From the Past in Burbank, CA

If you’re lucky enough to live in or near Burbank, check out the Art Show presented by Acme Archives Limited & Blast From the Past. New art on display from Orlando Arocena, Thomas Walker, Louis Solis, Raymond Swaziland, Randy Martinez & Little Friends of Printmaking.

Alien Day - Acme Archives - Art Show

Relive the Terror of the ALIEN Universe in Aliens vs. Pinball

Zen Studios has teamed up with Fox Digital Entertainment to create an all-new pinball three-pack set in the blockbuster ALIEN Universe. Available on Xbox One, Xbox 360, PSN, Steam, Windows 10, Mac, iOS, Android & Amazon on April 26th. Details here.

Alien Day - Zen Studios - Alien vs Pinball

Get the “Alien 35th Anniversary” Poster by Scott Hopko

Hero Complex Galaxy is carrying a few versions (in very limited quantities) of this awesome Alien 35th Anniversary” poster from artist Scott Hopko. Available in 18×24 (LE 50), 24×36 (LE25) and 12×36 (LE25). Details here.

Alien Day - Hero Complex Gallery - Posters

Who Loves TITANS? #WeLoveTITANS 

Forbidden Planet is having a sale on select TITAN 2-packs. Choose from Brain-Splatter Parker & Bloodied Xenomorph or Mid-Change Ripley & Acid-Splatter Xenomorph. Each just £9.99 on Alien Day (normally £15.99). More on Forbidden Planet.

Alien Day - Titan Merch - 2 Packs

More Posters from Bottleneck Gallery

The folks at Bottleneck Gallery have several different posters on sale April 26th and 27th. Artists Mark Englert, Chris Skinner & Laurent Durieux have outdone themselves and there is a Jonesy pin on sale, with profits donated to Bianca’s Furry Friends. More on BottleneckGallery.com

Alien Day - Bottleneck Gallery - Posters

Build Your Own Pulse Rifle From Aliens 

The gang over at ActionAGoGo put together a handy-dandy article and video on building your own Pulse Rifle that will take your cosplay game to the next level. Best part – they did it for under $50. Read on at ActionAGoGo.com

Alien Day - ActionAGoGo - Pulse Rifle

Follow Box Lunch for Chances to Win Sweet Alien Figures

Box Lunch is giving away some awesome figures from Titan and Funko. All you have to do is follow them on Twitter & Instagram for details. Entering is easy. And did you know that every $10 you spend at Box Lunch helps provide a meal to a person in need?! That is awesome.


For your Bod – Shirts, Bags & other awesome Alien-Themed Items

What collection would be complete without the proper Alien-Themed gear to put on your bod for Alien Day? We love nerdy T-Shirts, bags, pins, hats, etc and found a few you might like. We can’t guarantee they’ll be there in time for this 4/26, but there’s always another one next year.

Dark Bunny Tees – Two different T-Shirt designs and a canvas kit bag to choose from

Alien Day - Dark Bunny Tees - Shirts - Bag

TeeFury – Dozens of Alien-themed Shirt designs for you to choose from, featuring some of our favorite artists

Alien Day - TeeFury - Alien - TShirts

Fright-Rags – An Exclusive #AlienDay426 T-Shirt available at 10am EST at fright-rags.com. LE426

Alien Day - Fright Rags - Alien Day Shirt LE426

NeatoShop – Neatoshop has a ton of Alien-themed tees from artists like OutlawAlien, SEspider, Boggs Nicolas, DeepFriedArt & more

Alien Day - Neatoshop - Alien T-Shirts



That’s not GAME OVER folks! We’re going to keep researching and adding ideas between now and 4/26. If you have an idea or event you know about, please share below in the comments and we’ll try our best to include it in the list.

Also, please share this with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, etc. #NerdsUnite


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