5 Game Trailers That Showed Us These Weren’t Just ‘Commercials’ Anymore

Ever since gamers have been treated to the newest Call of Duty trailer, CODnapped, I have been reflecting on the fact that these game trailers are so much more than ads now. The length of how far the directors have gone with the artistry of making these mini movies is astounding. A long, long. long time ago I can remember seeing ads on TV for Sonic the Hedgehog that showed a little footage from the game. But I can’t seem to remember seeing anything for say, Nintendo….just ads for things to buy like the Power Glove. The first video game commercials were barely anything more than just enticements for purchasing the game or accessory. But as the quality of the games, tech, and special effects got better and better we hit a turning point. That turning point led to a stride that (for the most part) hasn’t really swayed. Some are jaw-dropping, some you couldn’t care less about but one this is for sure: there is a HUGE difference now between just a game commercial and a game trailer.

This quick list of 5 game trailers show how we’ve gotten to the creativeness of CODnapped. And before readers go all GTA on me, let me just say that yes, I know I could’ve picked way more or different ones or swapped some out. But like I said, this is a quick list of just 5 games who’s trailers have been continued to be watched months and years later since their release. Feel free to leave a comment below, on Facebook, Twitter, email, whatever and let us know what you would have on your list of 5 game trailers that paved the way for future trailers in the gaming world. Enjoy my fellow gamers!


#4 – MEDAL OF HONOR (Linkin Park / “The Catalyst)


#2 – GEARS OF WAR (“Mad World”)

#1 – HALO REACH (“Deliver Hope” – Extended Cut)




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