5 Scary Movies You May Have Missed

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What’s your favorite scary movie? Halloween? A Nightmare on Elm Street? The Exorcist? I would be hard-pressed to single out one in my genre of choice. There are those that make me jump, those that make me scream, those that make me gag and (most preferrably) those that make me quiver.

‘Tis the season to revisit my beloved horror films. One a night, much to the dismay of my fraidy-cat husband. Thanks to me, he is now very schooled in this frightful style. And through my devotion to this category, he has seen more than just the mainstream drivel. Here’s a few movies that slipped under his radar and maybe yours too.

Eden Lake  (2008)

EdenLake-posterThis has a relatively simple premise. A young couple (half of which is Michael Fassbender) escape to the English countryside for a romantic camping weekend. But their peace is quickly disrupted when they are confronted by a group of obnoxious teenage hooligans. After that things go from bad to worse to WTF?!

The best recommendation I got for this film was from another horror loving girl who simply said, “This movie is f***ed.” She wasn’t lying. The true terror of this brilliant film is the subtle escalation. You can truly see this happening as disturbing as it is. If forces you to ask, “What would I do?” And the ending will truly haunt you for days.

> read more about Eden Lake on IMDB

The Pact  (2012)

ThePactThis Indie gem is now in my top 10. Part ghost story, part murder mystery and part monster movie, this one has it all. A young woman is forced to return to her childhood home in the wake of her Mother’s death. Already uneasy surrounded by her traumatized past, strange things start to happen and the story takes a very dark turn.

The beauty of this movie is that you can’t possibly know where it’s going from the beginning. There are moments that will make the hair on the back of your neck stand up. (“Mommy, whose that behind you?”) And I can almost guarantee a scream or two. Just when you think you’ve got it figured out, you don’t.

> read more about The Pact on IMDB

Entrance  (2012)

EntranceI found out about this movie through Entertainment Weekly in an article written by Stephen King. Is there really any better endorsement I could give you?!

I watched this (alone) knowing nothing. The reviews on IMDB were mixed but all said the same thing — stay to the end. On the surface, it is the story of a young woman going about her life in an almost anonymous way. She goes to work, feeds her dog and occasionally enjoys a cocktail or two. You realize there is something a bit more sinister at work when her beloved pooch goes missing. And are those strange bumps and bangs in her apartment just her imagination? The climax will leave you breathless in a “did I see that coming?” kind of way. Stay to the end.

> read more about Entrance on IMDB

The Descent  (2005)

TheDescentCan you think of a better setting for a horror movie than a cave? A group of lady spelunkers become trapped miles underground with limited light in a system they know very little about. And to make matters worse, they are not alone.

Staying true to the genre, this is a film about predators and prey. It truly becomes terrifying when you learn exactly what is pursuing them. And the drama is only escalated further when they are forced to work together through seemingly deteriorating friendships. The real question is not just will they survive the creatures but will they survive each other?

> read more about The Descent on IMDB

Dark Skies  (2013)

DarkSkiesI watched this one with the aforementioned fraidy-cat Husband and Nerd Fu’s own, Chris Sully. Admittedly, it is a lot of fun to watch scary movies with people who get really scared. What I didn’t expect was that this movie would thoroughly creep me out as well. Movies about little green men too often don’t deliver.

A suburban family is suddenly rocked by a series of paranormal events in their home. Like anyone else, they look for the simplest answer but quickly learn there is nothing simple about birds flying into their house, mysterious bloody noses and most notably a son claiming to have a nightly visitor.

In a few scenes, reminiscent of (my absolute favorite) Poltergeist, this film builds the tension and fear in a way that makes your scream almost inevitable. And once the family seeks help from an alien expert, you discern that this family has been chosen and must ride out these happenings to its decided conclusion whether they want to or not.

> read more about Dark Skies on IMDB

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  1. Trick r Treat, Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon, It Follows, The Editor and Bloodsucking Bastards are also some great horror films to watch.

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