A Marvel adidas Alliance Has Been Made

The roster for Earth’s Mightiest Heroes just got a little bit bigger. A Marvel adidas alliance has been made and the result is nothing less than awesome! A titan in the shoe world, adidas has sought (wisely) to try and capitalize on the Avengers: Age of Ultron hype by offering an Avengers line. At this time, the kid’s Marvel adidas gear was already launched on March 17. We don’t have any kids so maybe that was why that bit of news flew under our radar. On the other hand, we love toys soooo……..moving on.

Us big kids – meaning the adults – will have to wait for our gear to come out May 1st. And yes we know, that’s Ultron Day. But what better way to celebrate after seeing the Avengers: Age of Ultron right ??!! You go see the movie, maybe two times in row, then grab some new kicks. Avenger kicks! As you can see from the image above, the shoe line is inspired by certain heroic personalities: Hulk, Iron Man, and Captain America. The line will also feature the adidas Quicksilver Hyperfast as shown in the film or so we’ve heard. Along with the shoes, expect to see tees, shorts, and other accessories with “matching colors” to be offered for both adults and kids as well. Look for these items exclusively at adidas retail stores and adidas.com only.

The new adidas Avengers collections go back to the classic roots with footwear inspired both by the original comics’ style and the graphics of the movie. Various models include running silhouettes for adults and kids as well as low and mid cut multipurpose silhouettes specifically designed for kids. This includes the Response BOOST Ltd that features adidas’ premium BOOST™ technology paired with Marvel’s greatest superheroes design as the primary source of inspiration. adidas BOOST is a breakthrough technology that provides the highest Energy Return of any foam cushioning in the running industry. Along with BOOST foam cushioning, adidas adizero Prime BOOST upper consists of adidas Primeknit, a digital knitting technology using the latest engineering methods to develop an upper that is lightweight and fits like a second layer of skin, providing added performance benefits. Each section of the adidas Primeknit upper is carefully engineered to provide a precision fit for a secure, comfortable run. – adidas

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