Adventure Time Mystery Minis

As usual, Funko does an amazing job of writing their intro for a new product, so we’ll simply share what we received:

Whoa! Algebraic!

Introducing Adventure Time Mystery Minis!
For the first time EVER… Each Mystery Mini figure will come in an embossed collector tin!
It’s a collectible in a collectible!
These are still in blind-box form. The character on the inside is still a mystery!
The assortment will still be random and just as much as a hunt as typical Mystery Minis!

Each PDQ includes 12 2.5″ figures inside of one of 8 different 4″ stylized tins.
These figures all have a 1/12 rarity, so the chances for each character are equal.

Available in May!

Adventure Time Mystery Minis - box

Here’s a closer look at the 12 possible figures:

Adventure Time Mystery Minis - figures


As we always recommend – If these Adventure Time Mystery Minis are a MUST HAVE for you, then don’t leave it up to chance.  Pre-Order your figures from an online retailer and have the figures waiting at your doorstep after release.

Here are some links to get you started (prices, delivery dates & details subject to change):

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  1. Lauren Lola Vasquez

    I absolutely love Funko products. The fact they took on this look for adventure time is great!!!

    • Although we’re not super current on Adventure Time, we’re learning and loving the artwork and one-liners! Add Funko to that equation and well….it’s pure gold =)

  2. omg those are so cute! Just love how adorable they are!

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