ALIEN ReAction Figures Reviewed

You’ll have to go all the way back to August to see our first post about the Alien action figures from Funko and Super7 but that was well after we had heard about the new line of retro-style toys from Super7.  In fact, Super7 had a strong presence at SDCC 2013 (July), right across the aisle from Funko.

Well, here we are almost six months later and our order of ALIEN ReAction figures has finally arrived at the Nerd Fu dojo.  I couldn’t wait to crack open the package and I thought you might like to know what we found.

ALIEN ReAction Figures Reviewed

My first impression was one of surprise.  The package was surprisingly light and the figures seemed small in hand, but I guess that’s what you get when you spend a year collecting Pop! figures.  This was my first real G.I. Joe/Star Wars style action figure purchase in nearly a decade, so it took me a minute to adjust.

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  • The card artwork is a little different than the original images we saw (the light blue has been replaced with black). As it turns out, that blue has been reserved for the SDCC exclusive or chase figures.
  • The design is truly “retro-style” with older looking fonts and a very minimalistic feel, not to mention the photo from the original 1979 theatrical release

Figure Detail

  • Again, the “retro-style” is apparent.  These figures have the exact same feel as those Star Wars figures I played with in the early 80s
  • There is a lot of detail on each figure with the Alien and Kane (the two largest figures) really showing off what Super7 was capable of producing

Paint Job

  • I saw some other reviews/comments on these figures where people complained about the paint jobs being sloppy, but there was little to no indication of that with my figures
  • The paint jobs are very well done


  • Sure, these figures are a little pricier than similar size figures from other companies ($65 for the set of 5), but they are still affordable and worth the money in my opinion. I must not be alone, since the figures are selling individually for $15-20 on eBay right now.  
  • The Alien and Ripley seem to be the most popular and sell for the highest prices. No surprise there really.


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