An “Otherwordly” Visitor Lands In the New ‘Devastation’ DLC for COD: Ghosts

COD: Ghosts players may have to “get to the chopper” a little quicker in the game’s latest DLC – Devastation.


In what started out as something that many thought was just an April Fools Day joke, has been confirmed by the game’s developers. IGN sat down with David Rowe and Zach Volker from Infinity Ward and went over some highlights of bringing the Predator to Ghosts. Yup, the sci-fi badass hunter from space arrives in Devastation as an unlockable achievement of sorts and he’s even bringing his thermal vision, plasma canon, and wrist blades to party! The new DLC is available now for $15 (Xbox 360 and Xbox One) and also includes the following:

      • 4 new maps – Behemoth, Ruins, Unearthed, and Collision
      • The ‘Ripper’ – a 2-in1 sub machine gun/assault rifle
      • The second part in the 4-part narrative called Mayday

First Halloween’s Michael Meyers and now Predator. I wonder who could be next in Infinity Ward’s attempt to make players chant “we’re gonna have us some fun…….we’re gonna have us fun.”



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