Arrested Development Season 4 Posters – The Bluth is Out There

OK, don’t take my NERD card, but until a couple of months ago I had only seen a couple of episodes of Arrested Development.  I know, I know – it was just one of those shows that I had put on “the list.”  You know, that list that of TV shows and movies that you promise yourself you’ll get around to watching “one day.”

Well, with the impending release of Season 4 on Netflix, I couldn’t put it off any longer, so I streamed the first three seasons of Arrested Development on TiVo over the last couple of months and I’m here to tell you – this show lives up to the hype.  The antics of the Bluth family, and of course the Funkes, is beyond words.  Well, that’s not right, it’s actually all about the words.  The writing for this show is so quick-witted and funny that you’ll find yourself laughing over lines and rewinding to catch them all.

A new Entertainment Weekly hits newsstands tomorrow (4/26), exactly one month before season 4 is available, and they’ve released some photos to hold you over until the show is back.  If you’ve seen the show, then every one of these is SPOT ON.  The copy/tagline they put with each character is perfect!

Do yourself a favor – get caught up now.  You can thank me later.

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  1. Shame on you for waiting so long. I’m really excited about the new episodes. When’s the movie coming out?

    • I know, I know! (head hanging low) – I have heard that a movie might be coming after the show. Apparently, the new episodes are filmed in a very unique way so that all the episodes “line up” with one another AND they make way for a movie. I guess we’ll see in a month.

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