Ben Affleck Meet Mondo………Mondo Meet Ben Affleck

If you haven’t heard of Mondo by now, you better have a note from home. Otherwise, I suggest you check out some of their incredible offerings they’ve had in the past featuring movies like Platoon, Rambo, and Gremlins. Normal posters are a dime a dozen but these aren’t those kind of posters. These are high quality, screened prints that use some of the best paper possible and are perfectly at home hanging on the wall in a beautiful frame. Intrigued? Good.

Before you see him as the “Caped Crusader”, see three films directed by Academy Award winner Ben Affleck as they get the unique Mondo treatment. In just a few days three talented artists will provide their own visual print interpretations to Argo, The Town, and Gone Baby Gone. These movies represent some of Affleck’s finest moments and any fan of his and/or these films should not hesitate when the sale happens. Once these are gone, that’s all folks. Mondo released the following statement from the actor/director himself:  

“I’ve always loved Mondo and their passion for film, as well as their talented stable of artists. I was initially drawn by their ability to offer a unique perspective on so many beloved films and am thrilled to see my films become the newest additions to their work,” said Affleck.

According to Mondo, the prints will go on sale sometime Monday, December 9th. If you’re familiar with their release announcements, then you know to follow them on Twitter – @MondoNews – and watch their feed like a hawk when it’s go time.


Artist:  Daniel Danger

Size: 24″ x 36″

Details: 390 regular edition size, 160 variant edition size

Price: $45 regular (RED), $70 variant (GOLD)















Artist: Matthew Woodson

Size: 24″ x 36″

Details: 290 edition size

Price: $45




Artist: Adam Simpson

Size: 24″ x 36″

Details:235 edition size

Price: $45


Remember my fellow seekers of nerdy goodness…….keep a close eye (maybe even two) on Mondo on Monday, December 9th for sale info and good luck!

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