‘Big Boss’ – Tee No Evil’s Latest Design

Ahhhh the Brothers Te………………….Is there any icon you can’t master?

Gamers the world over will appreciate the newest design from the artistic minds of Tee No Evil. Mixing one the bossiest baddies we’ve ever done battle with (say that five times fast) and a little Sin City flair, the fellas have come up a design that shows us……….the plumber doesn’t always get the girl.

Read a little more towards the bottom for something a little extra for the fans regarding this tee…..



As gamers, we know the thrill giving the baddies their just desserts. But nothing compares to that satisfaction you feel when you beat THE boss. One of the most iconic bosses of video game lore is the none other than Bowser. This “turtle with a temper” will go down in history as one of the OG’s of the video game criminal underworld. What the Brothers Te have done with this take on the Big B though is something every plumber fears: getting flushed themselves.

The Plumber might think he can save his Princess.  But when the Boss gets serious, we all know who truly runs the show.




The Tee No Evil boys are again graciously offering fans a coupon code. Just enter “LikeABoss” at checkout and you’ll receive a 20% discount! Per usual, don’t be a Goomba and wait too long though, this coupon code expires this Sunday on the 25th and shirts have been known to sell out!

Find a green pipe, jump in, and head here to order yours > TeeNoEvil



We’re big fans of Tee No Evil and have been since we first found out about them on Kickstarter.

Quality is our #1 priority and that’s the reason we chose ringspun shirts. The comfortable shirts are thick, ring-spun and 100% cotton.  The shirts are tagless to avoid the itch on the back of your neck.  Oh, did we mention that each shirt will have a custom printed label?

Tee No Evil stands by their original promise and we were really impressed by their quality and packaging.

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