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A couple weeks ago, Steve and I attended Space City Con here in Houston, TX.  As we do at every convention, we took time to walk the show floor and look for anything awesome to share with you nerds out there.  We found some awesome artwork, some cool bags and even some brand new video games, but one of our favorite finds at this con was Boxes in Action!


Boxes in Action, which started right here in Houston, is a company looking to change the landscape for hobbyists by providing us with an all-new way to look at storage for comic books and other collectibles.  In short, they have built a better box, something with the user in mind.

No more boring white boxes that break down over time! No more comics getting caught in the end of the box! No more ugly stacks in the corner!

No – Boxes in Action has designed and delivered a top-quality, sturdy, attractive box for anyone who wants to protect their comics or other valuable collectibles.

Here’s the first offering from Boxes in Action – “Born to Avenge.” It is available now (see below for details) and we know for a fact that there are more great designs on the way.

Born to Avenge from Boxes in Action

Here’s a preview of the next box, which should be hitting store shelves in September, called “Galactic Diner.”

Galactic Diner - Boxs In Action


Currently, Texas residents can find Boxes in Action at many local comic shops OR you can visit the official Boxes in Action Facebook page and order online.

We don’t have a list of stores that carry the boxes, but a simple phone call to your favorite comic book shop should clear that right up.  And if your local shop doesn’t have them, just request that they start carrying Boxes in Action!

Online orders (via the Boxes in Action Facebook page) are easy and Boxes in Action will ship directly to you, whether you are in Texas or not.  They’ll even work with local stores so that you can simply walk in and pick up your box whenever you want.

What do you think? Are you ready for a change? – We are, and it’s called Boxes in Action!

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