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Sully and I’ve have talked about Boxes In Action before, numerous times. And for good reason. What our good friend Chris Wall has done his company – BIA – is pretty amazing. A while back, Chris took it upon himself to give us something that nerds were needing. He took the concept of the comic book storage box, which were mostly just ugly and plain white boxes, and turned them into something any nerd or geek would proudly put on display! The creation of Boxes In Action brought storage boxes to the front of the class. Take a look at the Born to Avenge box, one of Chris’ earliest boxes…


This box paved the way (and demand) for other boxes to be born. Using elements of the Joker, Wolverine, and more….BIA again and again proved they were here to stay in the collectible world. And now BIA is doing something a little different.


For the first time ever, Boxes In Action is teaming up with an artist to produce boxes with an original spin. BIA is combining their superpowers with skilled artist Johnny Segura! For those that may not know about Johnny, he’s been around the art world for quite some time. His unique style blends the style of American comics with Japanese anime and manga! Don’t believe me? Check out his comic book work here or even his awesome digital work here! Viewing his work, we can totally agree with Chris that teaming up with Segura was a great choice.

This team-up has led to the result of BIA’s first-ever Artist Signature Series! And get this line off the ground, this dynamic duo has turned to Kickstarter. We’ll let Mr. Segura give you the rundown…

Johnny has created two boxes to get this campaign started for himself and BIA – the “Day of the Dead” box and the “Unicorn” box. As we mentioned earlier, these boxes feature the original artwork by Segura. A big reason why we love these designs is their super bold and colorful images! With any BIA box, you get the confidence that:

These boxes have a solid structure and can hold up to 130 comic books, or several of your favorite boxed or carded collectibles. These designs are printed with the highest quality so the box corrugation lines or red lines you see here on the samples are not visible. This production style results in an uninterrupted view of the design.



We’re supporting our friend Chris in this venture with Johnny to bring a little something new to the collectible world. As with any Kickstarter, there are rewards to be had. They’re keeping it short and sweet have included some great box deals for those that contribute. We’ll be putting money down on their project because we’re fans and collectors just like Johnny and Chris are. I really hope this gets funded, and I can’t see what’s in store next for BIA!

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  1. These boxes are awesome! I have the Harley Quinn 2 pack and they are just super high quality, plus the art is perfectly done so all the images line up perfect when stacking the boxes… I love being able to keep my comic stash out in the open. I wish them much success and hoping to see some Buffy/Firefly and Walking Dead themed boxes next!

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