Captain America: Civil War Dorbz – Photo Review

Funk’s Dorbz line continues to expand and deliver, with awesome licenses like Supernatural, Batman v Superman and Ghostbusters. I’ve overheard several collectors say that they are hesitant to start collecting the line, only to quickly reverse their opinion when they see “the one” that changes their mind. Could the new Captain America: Civil War Dorbz be the license that gets you hooked?

Captain America: Civil War Dorbz – Photo Review

Our friends at Entertainment Earth asked if we wanted to review the new Marvel Dorbz and we were not going to pass up on the chance. Since the reveal of these new figures (back in January) we’ve been ready to get our hands on a several of them. Here are some closeup photos and our new 360 GIFs to help you decide whether or not to add these to your collection.

And stick around for the end of the article. We might just have a surprise in store for you.

Click on any of the images below for a larger version

Captain America Dorbz – #TeampCap

Captain America - Captain America: Civil War - Funko - Dorbz - 360

Coming in April – Pre-order now

Black Widow Dorbz

Black Widow - Captain America: Civil War - Funko - Dorbz - 360

Coming in April – Pre-order now

Falcon Dorbz

Falcon - Captain America: Civil War - Funko - Dorbz - 360

Coming in April – Pre-order now

Black Panther Dorbz

Black Panther - Captain America: Civil War - Funko - Dorbz - 360

Coming in April – Pre-order now

Crossbones Dorbz – Entertainment Earth Exclusive

Crossbones Exclusive - Captain America: Civil War - Funko - Dorbz - 360

Coming in April – Pre-order now


You made it! Now that you’ve seen these awesome Civil War Dorbz, it’s time for something special. Thanks to our friends at Entertainment Earth, we are giving away ALL of the Dorbz shown above. One lucky winner will receive all five figures.

All you have to do is click on the image below to access the giveaway and start earning entries.

Civil War - Dorbz Giveaway

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  1. These Dorbz look great! And the pictures y’all put up make them look even better nerds!

  2. I think the Falcon one is my favorite excited to get my hands on one of these! #teamironman

  3. Love the Black Widow Dorbz!


  4. These are adorable! I’ll always be Team Cap!

  5. Team Cap here, with Black Widow being my favorite.

  6. Falcon is my favorite, and I’m Team Iron Man.

  7. Sarah Schweitzer

    I like both the Captain America one the most.

  8. Falcon #TeamCap

  9. #teamcap

  10. I like black panther and captain america. They all look great. I’m #TeamCap

  11. These are the dorbz we’re looking for. #teamcap

  12. #TeamCap and I’m loving his little shield 🙂

  13. The Black Panther one is awesome! #TeamCap tho

  14. These are some of the cutest dorbz I’ve seen. I like them all and want the whole collection. I am #TeamIronMan all the way.

  15. Captain America is by far my favorite, and not just because I’m #TeamCap. I know the guy that designed the figure and Funko and he’s just as cool as the figures he designs.

  16. The Black Widow Dorbz is my fave! I am #TeamCap

  17. These are awesome. Would love to have them all!

  18. I love natasha dorbz!!!!!

  19. Rebecca Rodriguez

    Captain America Dorbz is my favorite!

  20. Falcon Dorbz is my favorite. He looks so innocent. #TeamCap

  21. Falcon #TeamCap

  22. I love the Captain America Dorbz! I’m glad they finally put his shield on his back. I’m #TeamCap all the way!!!

  23. I am team cap and love the Falcon !

  24. They’re all cute, but Cap is my favorite!

  25. These are so cute!!! Every one of ’em…even Crossbones, lol…

  26. Im #TeamCap all the way and the Falcon one is awesome

  27. I love the Black Panther Dorbz oh and #TeamIronMan all the way

  28. #TeamCap – Gotta say I love the Black Panther Dorbz! Nicely Done!!!

  29. my favourite Dorbz is, for sure, Captain America ^_^
    & I’m #TeamCap 😀

  30. Definitely #TeamCap, favorite is Crossbones

  31. Falcon looks awesome #TeamCap all the way

  32. Falcon is my favorite, #TeamCap

  33. So cool!!! I didneed know Captain America Dorbz had his shield on his back. More detailed than I thought! #TeamCap

  34. Falcon is definitely my favorite. #TeamCap

  35. Falcon looks sick!

  36. I’m Team Iron Man but I have to admit that Dorbz Cap is about the cutest thing I’ve seen all week.

  37. I’m loving the black widow and black panther Dorbz. The black panther pops! Is also freaking sweet!

  38. So hyped Falcon is finally getting some shine

  39. Really nice and kool

  40. Nader Michael Hanna Al-Shaikh

    These look totally awesome

  41. The look fantastic! Really looking forward to Falcon and Unmasked Crossbones. #TeamIronMan

  42. Love them all but Falcon is my favorite! #TeamCap all the way!

  43. I absolutely love the Black Widow and Iron Man Dorbz, and I am #TeamIronMan all the way!

  44. The black widow Dorbz is my favorite and I am #teamcap

  45. We love the Black Widow Dorbz…but I’m #TeamIronMan all the way!

  46. My fave is Falcon and I’m #TeamCap…I think….

  47. Falcon is my son’s favorite Dorbz figure, since he looks most like him. He’s #TeamIronMan too! Momma’s favorite figure is Falcon too, and I’m #TeamCap

  48. Love the black panther one 😀 and have to be #teamIronMan

  49. I’m absolutely loving Crossbones and the Black Panther Dorbz! The detail on Crossbones is so amazing. #TeamCap

  50. My favorite Dorbz is Crossbones and I’m with #TeamIronMan

  51. Falcon is awesome, love those wings #teamIronMan

  52. The Cap, as always, is ssoo cute. Especially with his shield on his back! #TeamCap

  53. Falcon

  54. My favorite is the black widow dorbz, and I’m #TeamIronMan Thanks for the giveaway

  55. SO EXCITED FOR THIS MOVIE, Team Captain America all the WAY

  56. Im definitely #TeamCap but I think Black Panther looks awesome, even in adorbz form.

  57. I love the rotation! Now I know what the backs look like too!

  58. Falcon and widow are my favs, they super adorbs (hehe) 🙂

  59. That FALCON dorbz is awesome! #TeamCap

  60. Cap is my favorite but I’m for #TeamIronMan

  61. I love black panther. #teamironman

  62. These look soooo awesome!! Definitely loving the black panther Dorbz

  63. I’m Team Cap and Black Widow is my fave.

  64. Black Widow Dorbz #TeamCap

  65. I love Black Widow

  66. I’m just so amazed at these Dorbz they are very well made Black widow is amazing

  67. I’m really digging the Black Widow Dorbz!! She’s great. #TeamCap

  68. My favorite is Captain America. #TeamCap

  69. love falcon! because wings! #teamironman

  70. #TeamCAP and gotta go with Black Panther

  71. Love these pics you took! The rotating ones look fancy. I’m conflicted on my alliance tho….

  72. Falcon is my favorite (those wings!). Team Cap all the way!

  73. Black Widow

    #TeamCanWeNotAllGetAlong ;P

  74. Love the Black Widow Dorbz. #TeamCap

  75. Captain America


  76. Corgi Kohmander

    Falcon, hands down.

  77. Black Widow dorbz! #TeamIronMan

  78. Love the Black Panther Dorbz!

  79. I love these dorbz 🙂 #teamcaptainamerica

  80. #teamcap Falcon looks awesome

  81. Falcon and Black panther look awesome

  82. Loving the Falcon Dorbz, but I can’t wait to see Black panther in action on the big screen.

  83. My favorite is Falcon, though I really love Captain America also.

  84. Genaia McClellan

    #Team Cap That Falcon looks so awesome!

  85. Adorable! #TeamIronMan

  86. Black Panther looks awesome! #TeamCap

  87. I love the Captain America Dorb and of course I’m #teamcap

  88. I’m #TeamCap all day, Black Panther looks SIIICK, the unmasked Crossbones is my favorite though.

  89. I love black widow #TeamCAP

  90. Bernie Lambrecht

    The Falcon one is pretty cool with his wings spread #TeamCap

  91. Ulysses Quintanilla

    I hope I win!

  92. Andres Gonzalez

    My favorite is Black Panther! #TeamIronman

  93. Black Panther is my favorite so far. Guess that makes me #TeamCap! #SorrySpidey

  94. Love Falcon and the Cap’. TeamCapt all they way

  95. Love crossbones and black panther one. I can’t decide which side to take.

  96. I like the Black Panther dorbz but I’m #teamcap all the way.

  97. I’m #TeamIronMan but the Falcon Dorbz is really awesome, definitely my favorite of this collection.

  98. Awesome!

  99. Vincent Lee Wee Ping

    i am team cap and my fav is cap

  100. Awesome

  101. My favorite is the Black Panther,and I’m all for #TeamIronMan

  102. i am team iron man, and black widow is my fave!

  103. Mary Beth Elderton

    Love these! #TeamIronMan and love the lLack Widow

  104. Twins would love this. They collect all of these and love the characters.

  105. #TeamCap all the way!! These are sooooooooooooooooooo cool!!!!

  106. I like Falcon figure. #teamironman

  107. Falcom looks the best.

  108. #TeamCap! I want the Black Panther!

  109. I like Black Widow. #TeamIronMan

  110. I like Falcon the best from this lot. Excited to see a Spidey one in the future!

  111. Black Panther <3 But #TeamCap

  112. Fredrick Suarez

    These Civil War dorbz look so awesome! I can’t wait to see them all in person. In my hands. Lol

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