“Catching Fire” Heats Up Hall H – SDCC 2013

With Comic-Con 2013 a little behind us now, and the hours of sleep coming in, we wanted to make sure we squeezed out all the great news from the Hall of H. And in doing so, we cannot forget about The Girl with the Bow….

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

The moderator for the Lionsgate panel was Dave Karger who didn’t try to hide his excitement for what was coming up. While I haven’t read any of the books (yet), I really enjoyed The Hunger Games when it came out so I’ve been anxiously awaiting the next film.

Dave announced that this was the first time The Hunger Games would be in Hall H which was no doubt the result of it’s overwhelming popularity with fans. He then brought out The Hunger Games: Catching Fire director Francis Lawerence and the cast which included: Willow Shields (Primrose Everdeen), Lenny Kravitz (Cinna), Jena Malone (Johanna Mason), Jeffrey Wright (Beetee), Liam Hemsworth (Gale Hawthorne), Josh Hutcherson (Peeta Mellark), and yes…….Jennifer Lawrence (Katniss Everdeen).

Once the cast settled in, I have to admit that Jennifer Lawerence displayed a great amount of sly, witty humor that was a lot of fun to see. Everyone seemed to be having a good time but it was Jennifer who I think stole the panel for sure. One example in particular was the crazy and funny story of her and Hutcherson acting out a kissing scene which led to an odd amount of snot being exchanged. Laughing, she said that maybe they can put that in the DVD extras.

They showed an amazing trailer (twice) at the panel as well. In the trailer, we got a glimpse at how Katniss and Peeta are trying to deal with the aftermath of winning. There are heavy notes of new-found hope and the possibility of a rebellion. The quick scene at the end also shows Katniss’ platform being raised (through the water) in the new arena where she’ll go up against past winners, not regular kids! This looks like they’re gonna blow the first film out of the water for sure! Excited yet??


The Hunger Games: Catching Fire sparks November 22nd

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